The History of the Colorado Rockies

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The Colorado Rockies play at the gorgeous Coors Field in the heart of Denver, Colorado. A National League West team, the Rockies have seen both ups and downs in their somewhat-short history. The Rockies are owned by a group of people, and only began playing in 1993, along with the Florida Marlins. Due to embezzlement issues by one of the owners, there was actually talk of the Rockies moving to Tampa before the ’93 season started. The Rockies lost their first game, but won their second in Denver. Over 80,000 fans attended the game, which holds the record for most fans present at a regular season MLB game. In fact, throughout that whole season, over 4,400,000 fans attended the Rockies games, which broke the record for the most attended season in history.

When the player’s strike hit in 1994, the Rockies were in last place in the National League West division, though they were playing much better ball than they had been in the ’93 season. Colorado’s hitters were noted for their raw power, which was contributed to the fact that the air was thinner in Denver than in other parts of the country. Combined, Rockies’ players Andres Galarraga and Dante Bichette were projected to hit 80 home runs during that season if it had not been cut short by the player’s strike. Those two players, in addition to Mike Kingery (replaced just one year later by Larry Walker) and VinnyCastilla, would become known throughout the league as the “Blake Street Bombers”.

The Bombers would hit a combined total of 139 homeruns in ’95, the season when the team moved to Coors Field. The Rockies won seven out of their first eight games in their new home, and by the end of the ’95 season had placed 2nd in the West division and made it into the playoffs. Despite their sudden run for the World Series, though, the Rockies were shot down by the powerhouse that was the Atlanta Braves. The following year, Larry Walker got injured, killing the Rockies dreams for a second playoff appearance. When he got better, though, he went on to win league MVP in ‘97.

The Rockies wouldn’t see their World Series debut until 2007, when they came out of nowhere to fight their way into the playoffs, beating out both the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, who were favored to win. Finally, the Rockies and the Padres were tied for the NL wildcard spot, and a game was played at Coors Field to determine who got it. The 13th-and last- inning was the most intense. The Padres gained the lead with two home runs, but Colorado came back to match those two plus snag another one.

The Rockies breezed through the competition to become the National League champions and face off against the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series. Unfortunately, they met a devastating loss and were swept in four games. Despite this loss, though, the Rockies team continues to look promising, and another World Series appearance could be in the near future.


What Will Happen with the New York Jets this NFL Season?

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The New York Jets are facing a critical season in which the future of the Jets organization must be decided.  Mark Sanchez just signed a large contract extension this off-season but is he the right man for the job in the future?  This season will determine just where Sanchez fits into the Jets team as Tim Tebow is sure to be nipping at the heels of Sanchez.

Let’s take a look at what happened last season and see if Mark Sanchez should be worried and if the Jets have a bigger decision on their hands than they are letting on.  The Jets were primed for a playoff spot and collapsed at the end of the season.  You can blame Santonio Holmes for a lock of the lockerroom bad vibes going on, but Sanchez was throwing more lame ducks than you’d find at a pee-wee league game.  The Jets as everyone knows fell apart and so did their shot at the Playoffs.

On the flipside the Denver Broncos started the season horrible going 1-5.  With their season presumable wasted they decided to throw good ol’ Tim Tebow in there as the fans were calling (and taking out billboards) for him.  What happened next has to be one of the biggest middle of the season turnarounds we’ve seen in the past 20 years.  There were multiple games where the Broncos (and their playoff hopes) were dead.  Against the Dolphins, against the Bears, nobody would have thought with a few minutes to go the Broncos had any shot of winning those games.  You can’t give the credit to Tebow because what happened was a combination of extreme luck, good defensive and special teams plays, and of course Tebow.  The Broncos found a way into the playoffs (beating the Jets on the way there) and won the first round playoff game against the Steelers and their vaunted defense.  They of course went on to get squashed by the Patriots but everyone’s luck has to run out sometime.

If Sanchez gets off to a shaky start in the season it won’t be long before they New York fans start their Tebow calls from the stands.  Fireman Ed will have to create a Tebow cheer for this season.  What he brings to the team (besides some hard nosed running from the QB position and throws that leave much to be desired) is passion, and that passion is priceless because it ignites the rest of the players.  Players because energized on the football field when they have a passionate leader to follow.  Sanchez has shown us he is not the born leader that Tebow is.

If we had to give a prediction for what will happen this season we would guess that by game 5 Tim Tebow will become the Jets starting quarterback and what happens from there is anyone’s guess.

Are You Watching the NBA Basketball Playoffs?

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Whether you are watching the NBA basketball playoffs at home on the television or online using a site like P2P4U, these playoffs are getting good and are filled with surprises.  The reigning NBA champion Dallas Mavericks got swept in the first round.  Looks like they should have went with a younger point guard or a better center instead of the Lamar Odom experiment.  And the Chicago Bulls, one of the top teams expected to compete for the title all but saw their title hopes gone when star guard Derek Rose got hurt in the first game and is gone from the playoffs.  They went down 3 games to 1 to the Philadelphia 76ers before finding a way to win game 5.

The Spurs eliminated the Jazz in their usual dominate self, though the four game sweep didn’t see the Spurs scoring as much as they had in the regular season… might be a sign that some of the players are tiring down after the shortened season which saw games played more frequently and players getting less rest.

Those aging Celtics keep finding a way to win, with Paul Pierce winning a game for them and Rajon Rondo winning another, but their bench is going to need to step up if they are going to advance further in the playoffs.  And as we saw on p2p4u net the Pacers made quick work of the depleted Orlando Magic 4 games to 1.  The Magic were going without their big man Dwight Howard who made more news off the court then he did on the court this year.   First he wanted off the team then he wasn’t sure then he wanted off and finally he wanted on.  We couldn’t keep track of what he wanted as it seemed the story was changing every other day.

And those aging Lakers are leading the more youthful Nuggets 3 games to 2.  The Lakers have a solid 1 2 big man punch with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, but still on any given night we can see Kobe jack up more shots than both big men combined.  The Lakers bench play is also very weak and provides little scoring or depth.  The Nuggets don’t have any go to player, they rely on a bevy of players to contribute and need someone to step up every night in order for them to have a shot.

The prediction here at i P2P4U is that the Spurs will face the Heat in the NBA finals with the Spurs keeping Lebron championshipless.  The Spurs have the best bench in the NBA (against a Heat bench that has had numerous jokes made about it this year).  Spurs in 6 games.